How Addictive is Flipboard Magazine Making?

When Flipboard first announced their personal magazines feature back in 2013, I immediately knew I wanted to create two mags to take advantage of this great new visual format:


Buoyant Flipboard Magazine


Dock of the Bay

Dock of the Bay Flipboard Magazine

I still update these Flipboard magazines every single day with new photos on those subjects. They were the start of my nautical magazine brand.

Then I decided to create a couple more mags, thinking that I could easily handle four. I soon realized the pagebox (magazine view) on my Flipboard profile had room for 8 and soon more mags were made. I remember promising myself to stop at an even dozen and then a baker’s dozen!

Is Flipboard magazine making addictive? I now have 86 Flipboard mags! And another dozen that I am a contributor to. Remembering that I need to have a passion for the magazine topic has helped me weed out a few that I am not really devoted to.

I do love curating on Flipboard, the ideal visual format for all kinds of passions. And Flipboard has made magazines for private groups a reality, which means I have even more ideas for mags…

Visit the Flipboard Chat group on Facebook, and lets talk more about Flipboard mags. Or join us on Twitter Wednesdays at 10PM ET for #FlipboardChat hosted by the Flipboard Club. If you are new to Flipboard, you will find this User Guide by the Flipboard Club super useful!

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