Mags for New Marketers

Flipboard’s Useful Marketing Insights

Image Courtesy of Flipboard

Flipboard is a great resource for Marketing information, and especially for new Marketers. Eager to learn about Marketing best practices? Among the 35,000+ Flipboard topics:

That is just a small sampling of the Marketing related topics on Flipboard. Each one of those topics is full of information, and you can follow it. When you follow a Flipboard topic, it is added to your Cover Stories. So content flows there effortlessly.

Flipboard also empowers you to create a magazine about any topic you like. There are many Marketing magazines curated on Flipboard. Here are three I found useful as a new Marketer:

I also created my own Marketing Mag about those three letter Marketing Acronyms like SEO, PPC, etc:

Bottom line: If you are a Marketer, then you should be using Flipboard!

Visit the Flipboard Chat group on Facebook, and lets talk more about Flipboard mags. If you are new to Flipboard, you will find this User Guide by Flipboard Club super useful!

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