Pay Your Bills — That Feels Good, Right?

Real World Personal Finance

I was looking for a money management magazine on Flipboard that highlighted real world financial advice. Genuine ways to make money go farther each month would be the focus. Substantive ideas to get that great feeling when you pay your bills and there is money left over. Frugality but not cheapness…

Not finding exactly what I was looking for, I started to curate a magazine called “Pay Your Bills”. In case you didn’t know, you can make a Flipboard magazine about anything! I have since flipped over 600 articles into it.

Last month, Flipboard featured my “Pay Your Bills” mag in a blog on Personal Finance. They described the mag as:

“about extra income, money-saving apps and 13 things you should never, ever buy at garage sales”.

I think they got the scope of the magazine exactly right! And with 25,000+ magazine viewers, I hope “Pay Your Bills” has proved to be helpful.

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