Survivor Cinematography 11/22/2017

Visuals from the Cole Boot Episode

Cole blows a kiss during the Immunity Challenge

I chose some important photography scene setting moments from the Post-Merge Episode 9 of the Survivor Season 35 TV show, which aired November 22, 2017. Credit goes to the Cinematography Crew of the long running CBS show, headed by Peter Wery, Director of Photography.

I know I say this every week, but Fiji is beautiful scenery!
The Fisherman, The Bellhop, The Doctor and The Marine enjoy the sunset
Survivor captures images of creatures, creepy like the bat or not like the bird and dolphins
The Reward Challenge, Winners Got A Yacht Cruise with Sandwiches and Cake
Action Buoy Shots of Chrissy, Ben and Cole
The Full Survivor Crew and The Three Women Left in Survivor
Joe Shoots and Scores, The Blue Ball from Ben
Mooning the Reward Challenge Winners on the Yacht
Water Snake Reflection
More creepy critters, a spider
Immunity Challenge
Tribal Council where Desi is the first Jury Member, and Cole is voted out
9 walk away, who will go on next week’s double episode?

These screenshots taken from the CBS All Access app don’t come close to showing the beauty of the cinematography. Re-watch the show to appreciate the true artistry the Camera Crew adds to Survivor. It’s my favorite part of the series!

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