The Pain of Mother’s Day

On Missing Mom…

Previously I complained about Father’s Day:

“Father’s Day Card for a Dad with Advanced Dementia”

This year I’m going to air my thoughts on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is tough for me because my Mom died on Mother’s Day. I know, right?

My Mom in the 1960's

It has been a long time (1999) and I still miss her and think about her almost every day. Mother’s Day is different when your Mother is gone for everybody. But having it often fall on the anniversary of the day she died is heartbreaking. Luckily, not this year…

I was visiting my Mother-In-Law that morning when I got the call that my Mom had been taken to the hospital. I quickly went there, my MIL said she understood. I went back that night to the hospital again, and told my Mom I would visit her the next morning before work. I never got that chance, she died that night on Mother’s Day.

There is so much talk on social media this weekend about how great Moms are, and they are, of course. That makes me miss her even more. I know my Mom would be very proud of the family that she started. I really appreciate the effort my kids make to have it still be a special day for me. But the pain of losing your Mom never goes away…