Untitled Photo Problems

Why I Have Issues with Untitled Photos

Image Courtesy Cool Hunting http://flip.it/7oAJe

You can’t imagine an Untitled human being, can you? When babies aren’t named immediately, we all get nervous. I have the same issue as a photo consumer when viewing Untitled photos. Every image should have a name and not like the DSC_115 that some camera’s software gives to it.

Any image that gets shared out on photo sharing sites and social media is a keeper and a name should be a part of that. So why do Photographers title images “Untitled”? And what am I supposed to think when I see that title? Untitled tells me nothing.

A photographer stands in one place and has a 360° view. They pick one small slice of that view to show us in their image. They choose what to include and what to leave out. They are sharing their photographic vision with us, and in my opinion the resulting image from that vision should include a title.

“Untitled” images on 500px as seen on Flipboard

As a Photographer, I find that when I have nailed a photo, perfect exposure and composition, a title often pops into my head right then as I am taking the image. Images where I struggle with titles are often not quite right. Maybe the subject isn’t simple enough or my idea didn’t come across in the pic.

Titles add depth and illustrate what the image is about. They also serve as hashtags to catalog the image. Titles can also answer “The Most Important Question” a photographer is asked, where was this photo taken?

You can find my photos on Flickr, all 5000+ have descriptive titles.