Where are the Men of 500px?

A Rant…

Image: 500px on Flipboard

Every day, I look at images from the fabulous photo sharing site, 500px. The images are top tier. And I am guaranteed to see three types of shots:

  1. Gorgeous scenery
  2. Plants and nature closeups
  3. Beautiful women (many of them models)

What I don’t see hardly at all in these images are guys. This begs the question, “Where are the men of 500px?”

So how do the women end up in these photographs? Some Photographers know beautiful young women or are lucky enough to have them as part of their family, and they are willing to cooperate and pose for portraits. That is one method…

The other way is to hire a Model. Photographers and Models have had a long standing relationship. In the TFP (Trade for Print) days, a model and photographer would donate their time and skills to a shared cause, getting more work. The model would come out of the deal with great prints showing their modeling range. The photographer would benefit from taking beautiful photos showing their portrait abilities. The portfolios of both Model and Photographer would improve. Win-win!

Now the deal is TFCD (Trade for CD). The Model may get a CD with the top 10 shots from the photo shoot, the Photographer gets an attractive model for portraiture practice.

Photographers post these portraits on photo sharing sites like 500px as a way to see what works, what images does the audience react to, gets likes and faves etc…

Obviously, female models are still posing. What about the males? Why are we not seeing more pictures on 500px of attractive young men?

The assumption is that they are behind the camera instead of in front of it!

Full disclosure: I am a female 500px Photographer and I don’t use male models. But I also don’t shoot portraits of any kind but candid family photos.