You Can Make A Flipboard Magazine About Anything!

Yes, You! And yes, literally, Anything!

I don’t think this has been emphasized enough, Flipboard’s magazine making platform is amazing. With a free Flipboard account, you can make a Flipboard mag on any topic. Yes, anything! (Within community standards, of course)

Check out this compilation of #MagsWeLove by Flipboard just to see some of the many types of mags curated so far:

Metazine Containing Flipboard Magazines

Let me give you an idea. I have been creating some magazines. And the topics are so varied!

Breakfast Tacos

Geometric Shapes

Floating Flowers

Nautical Etsy Items

Johnny Manziel


Articles with US Maps

People Holding Balloons

Dallas Instagram Photos

Gadgets for Pizza

Problems at the Rio Olympics

That is just a small sampling!

Check out my profile for more mags…

You can share the magazine you create and anyone can read it! On a phone or a tablet, or on the web! There is a share box right on the cover.

If you haven’t gotten started on the Flipboard platform yet, now is the time. Create YOUR account and curate YOUR mag! One warning: this magmaking is addictive!

Visit the Flipboard Chat group on Facebook, and lets talk more about Flipboard mags. If you are new to Flipboard, you will find this User Guide by the Flipboard Club super useful!