The Secret to Success

What kind of person becomes successful? It is a difficult question to answer. We can search for a bundle of habits, traits and characteristics such as being innovative, being a good listener or being focused in order to try to identify the key to success.

The truth is, there are several factors to be successful. However, a common trait of successful people is to work hard. To become successful, extra effort is required at each stage, when you move towards your goals.

Let’s try to explain more effectively giving examples. When you watch a ballet show, you will probably see the result of years of effort. I mean, you might see just the beauty and the charm of the show. Nonetheless, the life of successful ballet dancers is quite tough. They spend hours everyday training, doing the exercises and in the end, their feet often hurt (it is painful to be a good one). A high-level ballet dancer knows that working hard is the secret to making a great presentation and receiving applause.

Another example, when you buy a beautiful and comfortable house, someone may say that you are lucky to have such a wonderful house. People are likely to see just the result (your brand new house), however, you’ve probably spent years saving money and working overtime (sometimes working when you are supposed to be on holiday).

After your success, comments like “you’ve born to learn any foreign language” or “you’ve born to be a singer” are typical. Such comments often don’t consider the Saturdays and Sundays you stayed at home improving yourself to be in the position you are now.

Summarizing, the success has a cost and it’s usually associated with working hard. So, before thinking about success, it’s better to start becoming a hard worker. This is the secret to success.