Road to Mainnet
3 min readSep 6, 2022

In an effort of total transparency towards our users and community, after the successful release of our solution on Görli Testnet, here we are, explaining our future roadmap.

Welcome to our September Community update!


  • Görli Testnet successfully deployed in August, with Chainlink Oracle and Arweave connections
  • Next release will be on both Ethereum and Polygon Mainnet
  • Over the next months we will announce our token release
  • Benefit of the token is a direct collection of protocol net fees, and community participation (first step towards DAO)
  • Discord server TBA


Over the last 3 months, we’ve been working hard to create a Web3 solution around the problem to Proof of Timestamp, with a few key points:

  • Decentralized: anyone can call our smart contract to certify the existence of a file
  • Simple proofs management: generated as NFTs to maximize compatibility
  • Multi-chain: being able to deploy the solution on different chains, while keeping proofs with unique IDs
  • Flexible: files can be stored publicly or privately

The product went live on Görli Testnet early in August, and it’s currently accessible, and free to use, on

Together with Smart contracts, Chainlink Oracles have been successfully connected, allowing to publish a certified file on Arweave permaweb and connecting it with the on-chain proof.


With one month of successful testing over Görli Testnet, we’re now moving towards the next phase: going LIVE on mainnet.

Since we’re a multi-chain protocol, we’ve chosen two chains for our first release: Ethereum and Polygon. The first is the chain with the highest TVL, the second allows cheaper interaction (in terms of gas fees) for retail users.

We’ve currently planned the release of our solution during the month of October, probably around the 15th. The exact date will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

In the meanwhile, we’ve opened a Gitcoin grants page, feel free to support us!

Revenue model

As you may have seen on our homepage, to generate a tProof you have to pay a minting fee. This is the only fee of our protocol, supporting its development and the ecosystem around it.

There are two types of minting fees:

  • Hash-only: for those that want just topublish the hash of the file on the chain
  • Hash-with-file: together with the hash, the original file is uploaded on Arweave permaweb and, through Chainlink Oralces, the public URL of the file is attached to the minted tProof

The second solution involves more actors (Chainlink Oracles, Arweave network fees, etc), thus has a higher cost. The introduction of Chainlink Oracles are necessary to keep the protocol decentralized, thus not relying a central entity that can say which is the correct file URL and which is not.

Upcoming Token

While we do not plan to release a token for at least the next 6 months, we see this as a necessary evolution of the protocol. We have not raised a centralized funding round, and we do not plan to do so, to keep the protocol as much decentralized as possible.

Our token will be in the form of an NFT collection, with token owners getting the following benefits:

  • A % of the product revenues, directly distributed in Ethereum and collected from the minting fees
  • Community governance participation, with voting power

If the first one is a direct economical return for early supporters, the second is what we’re more excited about as it will be the first step in transitioning the product to a Community governance (DAO).


We are about to release our Discord server in the upcoming weeks. We want to make it a place where to share feedback, propose ideas, interact with the developers and meet other people involved in the project.

Mare sure to Follow us on Twitter where we will release the Discord invite link, and our next big updates!



Decentralized Proof of Timestamp service. Open, Trustless, simple. Built on Ethereum, ChainLink and Arweave.