Live on Goerli testnet
4 min readAug 9, 2022

As our process in creating a decentralized Proof of Timestamp solution continues, making sure it’s open and accessible to everyone, we’re happy to announce we’re now live on Goerli testnet!

You can now use our dApp to publish a proof. In this way you can guarantee a file existed prior to a certain point in time. This is a requirement in multiple applications, both legal and personal. While before to use blockchain for such a scope required you to deploy a custom smart contract, you can now easily obtain the same solution with just a few clicks, less of work and a fraction of the cost.

How to access tProof

You can easily go on, making sure your wallet is connected to Goerli testnet. To interact with the smart contract, get some free GoerliETH from the Goerli faucet.

Once in our dApp, connect your wallet. You can start by selecting the file you’d like to timestamp

Once you’ve selected the first file, you have now to make a choice: keep the file private, or make it public.

  • if you keep it private, the file doesn’t leave your computer. In the future, along with the tProof, you’ll need to provide the exact same file. Make sure to not change a single bit of it, otherwise the tProof won’t be usable anymore
  • if you make it public, the file is made permanently public and you don’t have to store it on your side. If your use case makes possible to have the file publicly available on chain, we encourage you to do so.
You can select one of your files, and decide if you want to make them public or not

Finally, generate the proof (eventually editing the name of them for better reference), and wait for the transaction to be confirmed. If you published the file, the certification process will take a while (usually no more than 15 minutes).

All your tProofs are listed inside our dApp once you connect your wallet. Click on them to expand and find more details.

Each proof is in the form of an NFT: if you look into your wallet, or go on an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea, you’ll be able to see the list of your proofs. The same happens on our dApp, on the list on the left.

Inside the NFT you can find all the details, such as the hash and the public file URL, if the file has been made public. Since they’re just Metadata, on OpenSea or any other NFT Marketplace you can see them as Properties.

For developers

If you’re interested in seeing how tProof works under the hood, make sure to read our docs. We’re open for integrations and discussion, so if you think your tool can benefit with the integration of tProof, feel free to reach out to us!

The solution is decentralized, meaning that anyone can interact at a smart chain level, and anyone can use it, without registration or approval.

Currently we are just on testnet. As such, we might launch updates and fixes that cause your minted proofs to vanish, but this is the reason why we’re using a testnet.

Tokenomics, next steps and future

As our projects grows in the Web3 world, we’d like to share some tips about our upcoming next steps:

  • We’re creating a tokenomics around the project with two main goals: having an active DAO that guides the development of the project and sharing part of the revenues among our DAO members. More details will be shared in upcoming blog posts
  • As a new born solution, together with our tokenomics, we’re actively looking for investment opportunities, as well as VCs interested in joining our adventure. If you’re interested, make sure to Contact Us
  • Key improvements based on the feedback from our users, both from a technical point of view, or from a usability point of view. If you used our solution, and would love to share with us some thoughts, make sure to contact us



Decentralized Proof of Timestamp service. Open, Trustless, simple. Built on Ethereum, ChainLink and Arweave.