Ruby on Rails web app for sharing scientific articles

Many scientists, engineers and students majoring in science and technology often face difficulty finding and obtaining scientific articles they want to read. Even if you find the article you want to read, for those who don’t have the access to the journal, it usually costs around $40 per article. Although, it might be a reasonable price, it can add up fast when you want to read multiple of articles. This can be a big barrier to literature search for scientists without the access to journals and restrict their research.

One of traditional ways to obtain an article without paying money (and legally!) is to email the author of the article and ask her or him to send it to you. But, you have to find who’s the author is, and the author’s email address.

So, I developed an web app that can be used for sharing scientific articles. This app is for a community of scientists and engineers, who wants to share their articles. They can list their published scientific articles on the app. And they can also search an article they want to read by DOI (Digital Object Identifier System).

The app, JournalShare, is a Ruby on Rails web app, which uses Devise to authenticate users. You can also sign in through Google by omniauth-google-oauth2.

When a user signs up or logs in, there are a listing option where you can list your published scientific articles, and a search option where the user can find an article by its DOI.

After finding the article by typing in the DOI of the article, the user can send a request to the author of the article.

When the author logs in to the app, the author will receive a notice from the user who requested the article. The author can respond to this request by sending the article via email.

This app is at a development stage. If you are interested in improving the app, please clone the app from, run bundle install, run rake db:migrate and then run rail server to test this app.