Why did I decide to learn software development?

Last year, I was considering a midlife career change. I thought about what I can do well and what kind of work I am happy spending my time on. Just to get a taste of coding, I tried Codecademy.

At Codecademy, I could not learn coding in detail, but I could experience various different types of coding, and I really enjoyed interactive interface Codecademy provides.

After Codecademy, I wanted learn more about Ruby on Rails. I searched for a book on Ruby on Rails, and liked “Learn Ruby on Rails” by Michael Hartl. The book was challenging for a newbie like me. But the more I read the book, the more I got into Ruby on Rails.

This year, I started Learn verified program, which makes difficult concepts in coding very easy to understand. I enjoy and love coding, and will love coding for a long time to come!