Hope is being able to see that there is light despite of all the darkness - Desmond Tutu

Believe me almost every human being goes through this stormy phase atleast once in his/her life. We are all human beings and our first response to anything is emotional. We feel sad and bad, we feel a plethora of emotions. But we loose hope only when we stop believing in ourselves. Believe me belief is a very powerful thing. It will help you soar high in the sky .

Its amazing to know what belief can do. If Edison hadn't believed in himself we wouldn't have had the bulb. If every scientist, every person who created something of immense value in this world hadn't believed in himself , you couldn't have asked this question, Quora wouldn't have existed, nobody would know what's internet. Modi wouldn't have won. Mars mission would have been a dream that's it. Only because we believed that it is possible we were able to achieve it.

Belief moves mountains - Anonymous.

It gives you wings to fly. Don't cage yourself. Its never too late to try. Anything that feels big and insurmountable today will be a puny piece tomorrow. You will look back and laugh at those things.

Whenever you feel low , defeated by the surroundings, when nothing is going the way it should, remember its a part of life, it's bound to pass. According to me big challenges or obstacles are harbingers of good days . There is always peace after the turbulence.

Know your self worth. You know about so many costly and worthy things our there , have you ever thought how worthy are you ?? Not the value of things you possess but the value of yourself. You are worth more than infinite diamonds to your parents. You are worth more than anything in this world. You are their hope. Live for them. Remember them and brave all the odds for their sake atleast, if not for your own.

Have your ever experienced this, waiting for the bus for quite a some time and thinking the bus isn't going to come, you hop on to some other vehicle! But as soon as you board you see the bus coming from far. You would have been in the bus had you waited for some more time my friend. You didn't. So did I many times. We all do. Patience is the key to door of hopes.

Sometimes the extra minutes you wait will help you walk the extra mile in your life —Trilochanprasad.

Remember you are born to make a difference. To leave a dent in this world! Do you want to believe that you are worthless? Do you want to die unknown ?

Toss a man in the air and he will scream the shit out of him. Now toss a baby , he/she laughs and enjoys the moment because he believes and knows that you will catch him/her. Dont let that child inside you die. Strive to keep it alive .

Do all you can, do not neglect yourself and try not to get into depression. Keep yourself so busy that pessimism forgets you ! I do not exactly know what your problem is but just for once compare your problem to the problems people are facing out there in this ever happening world. Probably you will realise how small your problem is , or you will learn something to overcome it.

So your rough patch will gift you a smooth life later but you need to brave it now. No matter what do not stop yourself. Do not doubt your capability. Rise like a phoenix everytime you burn. Stay in the battleground till the end for you are the king of your life.

I know it's difficult.

I have been bent and broken , but I hope, into a better shape— charles Dickens.

For a star to be born , one thing must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, Crumble, this is not your destruction,

This is your BIRTH.

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