Another ‘my goals @ 2016’ post :)

After one month I try to finalize my personal goals and challenges as I did last year but I have a lot of ideas so I write a short list that you see hereunder right now. I want to express my intention, todos and how I can assess my achievements. I would like to do this because I need to lay down the principles as soon as possible, get constant feedback during the year in order to see my capabilities, accomplishments or failures.

Conferences, My goal is to take part in only 4–5 main events this year, because I want to be focused and only visit the ones strongly connected with my interest. I prefer events in new countries and probably still working as a volunteer. I’m going to achieve this by applying to be part of a team, help organizers with my volunteer work or spread the words about the event as an ambassador. The measurement is simple because I use my grid, track progress and in the end of the year I will exactly know how many conference badge are placed on my wall.


Now, I have targeted events, like UX Salon @ Tel-Aviv — team member, CSSConf Budapest @ Budapest — co-organizer, Scala Days @ Berlin — volunteer, Service Design Short Course @ London — student, Slush @ Helsinki — volunteer. Also, my service design self development group will be launched again after the final event and I hope this community is going to be stronger while I help Front-End MeetUp as well.

Talks, My goal is to give 5–6 talks this year because in 2015 I was invited to some small events and I really enjoyed the situations, had fun and got positive feedback. Based on these experiences I wrote my pitch and contacted some event-organizers, asked them help me to find proper opportunities. On the other hand IseeQ sometimes has requests from our clients or other platforms to give a talk. Result is promising because I have a talk in February and one round table invitation around April in a conference. The biggest step forward would be a presentation in English. This is an ultimate goal for me apart from sharing my opinion and gathering new inputs. I’m going to achieve this goal by attending conferences with CFP, contact universities or smaller educational services in order to share my experiences with them. The measurement is similar to the conference topic because I need to be proactive, contact organizers and persuade them in having a valuable knowledge and letting me present it.

Rocking @ #hruSourcing Budapest, 2015, November

Spanish, My goal is to learn a new language and have fun. Take part in general course or go to school are time consuming activities now or I’m just saying I am lack of time. So, I chose the self education way again and would like to practice language real time. I’m going to achieve this purpose with a lot of small activities like switch language settings on my smart devices and desktop social platforms. Of course I will do this step by step and start with my phone and Facebook. Also sometimes I change Spanish from Hungarian and get on my colleagues nerves while we have a chat or e-mail conversation. The measurement is easy because in the end of the year I would like to go a Spanish restaurant or market and see if I am confident and able to chat my target is achieved.

Hasta mañana!

Coding, My goal is to dig deeper into programming, both the theoretical and practical part. I’m going to achieve this with my mentor who will inspire me with his experiences and guidelines. I try to set up meetings every second week, talk about questions, problems and doing some pair programming like activities, code reviews. I want to progress my pet project and looking for a new one if the last one is finalized. Also I would like to read books about programming (Clean Code, Pragmatic Programmer…) and take part in an online course like Stanford Computer Science 101 . The measurement is easy again because I can count the number of meetings, the commits on my GitHub profile, the software development related hours on my time tracker as well as see how many books are finished, or online courses are completed in my personal table. Ultimate goal is to pass a technical interview series, because nowadays recruiters find me, and I would like to prep for these conversations properly.

Playing softly w/ d3 and parallax

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