CFP aka call for papers :)

Well, well well. Year after year I usually set up new challenges and my new one is to be a speaker abroad at a technology conference. In 2016, I gave a talk approximately every month in order to practice the public speech and able to make a decision about this topic. In a nutshell I am satisfied with my performance and I think I am on the right way to reach the goal.

The story started few years ago because I attended a lot of conferences in Budapest as a staff and helped the organizers run their event. After a while I changed my mind and expanded my activities abroad as well. I was in Berlin, Bucharest, Tel-Aviv, Amsterdam, Chicago, Madrid, Paris, Cadiz…and would like to visit new cities every year. The turning point in this case is I want to be a speaker and give a talk. The reason is that I was always amazed by the whole environment around these conferences. The community, speakers as well as the knowledge sharing is fascinating and I would like to be a part of this ecosystem. It was a wonderful feeling when I took part in an exclusive workshop with Mike Monterio and his wife or when I had different speaker dinners with the maintainer of React or the creator of the Lodash and so on.

Believe me, these experiences have burned into my brain and I feel a I have grown professionally after these occasions. This motivates me to apply for a talk and submit my themes in order to share my angle about technology recruiting, self-education, community building and so on. In this case I want to help the guys out there, give back something useful and share the information. In the other hand, I have selfish reasons because I need the spotlight, would like be famous inside this community as well as influencing the market. The story is very simple and clear, I need this challenge to feel the discomfort and be encouraged by something new in my professional life.

First steps that I have taken are:

  • Practice English both oral and written as much I can
  • Write blog posts every month
  • Collaborate with an outstanding English teacher
  • Gather topics and create presentations and essays
  • Submit proposals all around the world

PS: probably, my first performance is coming soon in Chicago at Scala days with a 5 minute long ignite talk, details are coming soon :)

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.