#LambdaWorld @ Cadiz — another unexpected journey :)

This story started with my journey in Berlin, Scala Days 2016 — you can read more about my feelings and experiences here — because I met with Jorge and other guys from 47 Degrees. They were kind and whenever I passed their stand, one of them invited me a chit-chat. That made a good impression on me meanwhile I realized that Jorge is the main organizer/founder of Lamda World. The happening is

“The largest Functional programming event in the country, carefully crafted for you by 47 Degrees and the Scala and Java communities of Spain.”

Okey, I need to be there, that’s what I thought and we were talking about conferences, speakers, venues and other things. In the end of the conversation, guys said that I can be a volunteer if I want and help them during the conference. Damn, I am in, of course, I said with bright eyes.

3 months later I did my check-in at Budapest airport and was heading to Madrid, after that to Cadiz. First, I was afraid of the journey a little bit because I had to switch platforms several times, but finally I achieved my target location. Also, I started to learn Spanish

“Yo hablo espanol just a little bit…quiero más cerveza y pescado…”

in order to feel much more comfortable via my trip. The place is awesome, beautiful weather, clear blue sky, fresh air, seagulls, harbour with lot of pretty ships.

First afternoon we started with the preparation — you know, install the venue, pair badges, fill the goodie bags…. — guys were easy-going and happy to see me meanwhile my co-volunteer friend arrived as well. In the evening we had a dinner at the beach, tasted seafood and other local dishes and went to bed on time.

Day one, was a practice day with Typelevel sponsored unconfernece morning session. It means that, you could attend with a talk and share your topic among the audience — start an open discussion. In the afternoon, we run a Scala Center hackathon and several workshops in parallel. I chose the Strongly-Typed Web Applications with Haskell (and Elm). Honestly, this was my first practical meeting with these technologies so I was in confusion. The whole day was smooth, informative and I felt free. We closed the evening at Castillo de sta Catalina with a networking event. The place looks like a authentic meridian village supplemented with newer and newer local dishes. In a nutshell, it was awesome.

Day two, we had two separated rooms, named House Curry as well as House Howard and after the check-in, Jorge launched the event. As usual, I tried to sit in the first line and attended a lot of talks:

  • Opening Keynote by eiríkr åsheim
  • Doing data science with Clojure: the ugly, the sad, the joyful by Simon Belak
  • The Dialectics of Type-Level Programming; or How I Learned To Love Values by Aaron Levin
  • Typelevel Scala Rebooted by Miles Sabin
  • Java 8 in Anger by Trisha Gee
  • Real-world functional Scala by Chris Birchall
  • Transient: full algebraic and monadic composability in presence of multithreading, events and distributed computing by Alberto Gomez
  • The Pure Functional Web by Bodil Stokke
  • Category theory for the working hacker by Phillip Wadler

The whole day was easy, and I felt that it is a good place to learn about functional programming. Talk after talk I got richer, and was amazed about these area, because speakers were spectacular as well as easy to understand. This is a good feedback for all of us to be open to attend new themes, not just circling inside our comfort zone. Also these positive impressions are spurred me to check-in new functional programming related happenings, and this year and/or next year I will travel a lot in order to reach these conferences.

Special thanks for Jorge and the 47 Degrees guys, you are awesome and I hope we meet soon, also you find their official review here. If you have any questions or comments about my posts, feel free to contact me LinkedIn or Twitter.