Story about my team - Service Design Self Development Group @ Budapest Part 2.

As you know I am the organizer of Service Design Self Development group @ Budapest. In this part I will continue the story and give insights about our life. Right here I will focus on my team and soon release another post about the course in general as well.

Thoughts about my team & our progress — Muhely/Szertar => Workshop/Craftlab

After the first event we chose our project and built rapid teams to start the work. Fortunately, I have a strong team of three, coming from diverse backgrounds — a multinational company, an agency and freelancing. What’s more, all of them have other profession as well (UX Designer, Business Developer, Service Design Consultant). So the start was promising, and right now I keep loving this project. Besides the formal events, we use to set up meetings at pubs, brainstorming, planning the process of our topics, you will see the details below. We tried to clear real goals and the way we want to reach them. It was difficult, because none of us had strong experience in this area, but all of us had some other relevant knowledge.

First, we determined the focus and ‘Self development communities’ won the competition. We would like to figure out:

  • how the idea comes off,
  • how these groups come into being,
  • how they work,
  • how do you measure their success,
  • how do you maintenance them,
  • and so on….
Sketch about the big picture (on Hungarian)

Next step, we set up a research plan to handle the process and see exactly what is in demand to move forward.

Empathize phase: We were looking for seasoned community organizers, participants, group creators because we wanted to run stakeholder interviews from all sides. Of course, the detailed questionnaires were ready, so the next step was to meet these guys and take the interviews. This part was amazing because we met with awesome people from different areas and totally various mindsets.

Sketch about the ‘self development’ community ecosystem (on Hungarian)

Define phase: After the interviews, the goal was to clarify the essence, summarize what we found out via the conversations, meanwhile running a research regarding the literature. Our aim was to set up organizer and participant journey maps, create different layouts, personas, user stories or any other meaningful things. And what a surprise, in the midst of work we could draw a matrix filled with valuable information about the main topic:

  • how these self organized development groups going to work, be-born and pass on
  • what are the critical or hot points, challenges, nice to have, must have tasks
  • who are the participants, organizers, starters, leavers, haters, lovers, characters
  • targeted motivations, how these drives are changing during the lifecycle
Plan for the analysis part (on Hungarian)

Now, we are here and working hard to define a backbone in order to build a service blueprint.

Our customer journey map after a few hours work (on Hungarian)

This was a short summary about my team and our work, and I will come forward with the new stories about the latest meetings as well as final presentations. If you have any questions or comments about my posts, feel free to contact me LinkedIn or Twitter.’