By Luis Lapo Chief Risk Officer @TrAIve Finance

This story was originally published in Portuguese in Traive Brasil on July 3rd, 2020

Photo by Elaine Casap

Picture the following scenario: Socioeconomic conditions posing challenges never before seen, requiring people to create innovative solutions, to overcome the status quo and to grow at a fast pace, bringing benefits to all involved and to the society. As we read this sentence, startups certainly come to mind. …

By Aline Oliveira @TrAIve Finance

Photo by Clay LeConey


I am Aline, one of the co-founders of Traive, a company that emerged inside the labs and classes at MIT two years ago, aiming to improve the agriculture finance industry through technology, data, and passionate people.

As I am writing this, the world is experiencing one of the most tragic chapters of its history with the COVID-19 pandemic tearing apart families, communities, industries, and countries.

This pandemic has been imposing a challenging environment for the agriculture supply chain, which is dealing with a chaotic scenario: depressing prices, a sharp reduction of crude oil prices…

By Mauricio Quintella & Marjan Tabari @Traive


Happy World Environment Day everyone!

Many great informative reports are already written about the importance and urgency of reducing emissions, developing coping mechanisms in the face of the inevitable effects of climate change, and the role of agriculture in achieving our climate change goals. One of such reports is the McKinsey & Company’s April, 2020 Report on Agriculture and Climate Change” [hereinafter referred to as the Report]. Among the many interesting facts and opinions that the Report includes, two of its observations specifically caught our attention:

First, although agriculture is still considered a…

For those of us who have grown up in cities, it is only natural that we have hardly ever set foot on a farm, talked directly with a farmer, ever truly appreciated the value of soil, or witnessed the direct link that soil biodiversity has to our financial and food security. Even more significantly, we may not have truly appreciated the foreboding warnings that in order to feed the world’s ever growing population, we have to increase agricultural production 50% by 2050 — and do so sustainably, lest we deplete the earth of its valuable resources. We may even find…

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