A Lifelong Journey

Musical Selection: Dionne Warwick’s Walk on By

Courtesy of Brandon Allen Photography

He remembers the days of old. Cautiously, they creep into his mind, settling for spells unknown. Time is not as kind as it once was. His wife, gone, his oldest daughter too. They were rocks. They lifted him. He needed them. A young man was kind enough to ask about his health, his well-being:

“Josef, how are you? Koja and Cena are gone, have been for years. Anything biting at you? Anything the community can help you with?”

“No, boy. I don’t think you can help me with this journey. I gotta feel this pain. It ain’t gettin’ any easier, but I am here. See? I am still breathing. Ain’t no sense in settlin’ in some feelings that are not of my control.”

Cars drove past, shooting them with smoke and fumes. The two of them waited for silence, but it never came.

“This journey… This one? It’s lifelong. You cannot suffer it with me.”

A brief moment of quiet stirred between the two of them, but quickly disappeared.

There, in the moment of peace, rage stirred.