Damn, girl.

Alexainie, thank you. I thought about you the other day while I was recording an audio poem.

My High School class came to me and asked me to teach a session on writing to underprivileged young women. Guess what? I said yes. This means I’ll be speaking in front of that crowd soon.

And, I am terrified!

But, I couldn’t say No. Not to the kids. They baited one of my best friends to ask me, he’s on the class board, he asked me knowing I’d say no because of my fear, but I said yes. He was totally ecstatic. He told the rest of the board, now they’re ecstatic.

I’m even more nervous because of that!

But, again… it’s for the kids. I KNOW what high school is like & writing got me through it.

Thought you’d wanna know that little ditty. I’m not sure of the details. They will be contacting me and I’ll have to Skype in on the meetings, but when it takes place, there will be video and I’ll share it with you. :-)

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