I am tired in my heart
(191) Fatigue
Classical Sass

Because I love you, I see what is happening to you, as an empathetic person. From one empath to another (and this is something Ayesha tells me often), you have to give yourself the love and care you need so that you will be able to continue to help others. Cyborg has said this to me in another way.

You just have to. If that means, taking short breaks away from your normal activities, then do it. If it means baking a cake just to top it off with frosting, then present it to a neighbor, then do that. If it means enjoying a steaming hot bath while thinking NO THOUGHTS, do it.

Relax, let your mind catch up with your heart again so that you will be in sync. Right now, you are not. And, I know HOW damaging that is.


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