paired with a hardened heart,

there is crafty magic working

within the shoddy minds of

the twins.

two seconds separating their

entry to a world of chaos,

their Mom dubbed them, “First”

and “Second” as a family joke.

soon, they discovered how

tainted their bloodline was —

evidence of sociopathic

scandals coupled with

eccentric infidels

boosted their curiosity

of shooting the proverbial

breeze with sharpened words.

no one could fathom

the endless road they

would trod; hands held

tightly, knitted and stitched

together, stuck at the hip.

an odd novelty, the two…

not yet needed in society,

their existence was

calculated, evaluated, and

discarded —

lack of importance,


“We’ve never seen

anything like this. It is not

the work of God.”

physicians fraught with fear,

curbed their interest

as soon as the twins

learned how to walk.

the onslaught of

bricks hit the family,

words never felt so painful.

and, with every step they

took, belittlement followed.

to their Mom, they were

the first newness Spring

bestowed, yet she

wanted so badly to give

IT back.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt 23March16