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Frightened: Terrified

He can see her clearly; eyes twitchy, hands shivering from pain. He doesn’t want to leave her standing with her shadow, fearful of the rain. So, he takes off his coat, drapes it around her, and walks with her until the numbness fades. How do you continue to love your girlfriend after she’s been raped? What do you say? Where can you take her and she doesn’t remember the sights and sounds of one, grave night?

He listens to the sobs, her cries for help in the middle of a cold night. The nightmares are the worst. She sleepwalks now. He is always on edge, but he knows her suffering has no limits, no cut-off point, no deadline. It is a never-ending terror that sits between them on the train, waiting to tear at their hearts, yearning to change them forever.