Maybe someone out here can help me understand it, because I certainly do not.
The case of suicide.
Osasu Elaiho

Hello, Osasu… I believe it is one of those things that one cannot understand, a flimsy ever-changing thing bending from grasp. There are many situations, events, pains, hurts, disappointments, etc… that may cause one to bid adieu to a crazy world, as you have mentioned. How I have coped with a loved one taking her life has not been easy. You count the years as they pass by, thinking the two of you could have grown old in friendship together. It did not happen.

What I know now? She suffers no more. She does not wake up in fear of facing another day. She will not bear the brunt of heartache, hunger, rejection, racism, struggling financially, etc… Her days are no longer weighed by “Will I put gas in my car to go to work or will I buy a meal for tonight?”

These may be considered common choices for those of us who believe we have the strength to endure whatever is plaguing us. But for those who have simply given it their best in terms of their best and they no longer wish to give anymore, well… they did what they felt they should. That is how I deal with it. I know most questions cannot be answered, especially when suicide is the topic.

Some do not have the strength and physical energy to keep going. Some simply do not want to. I do not blame them.

An article I think you would like reading is by Doc Ayomide: Is Suicide An Act of Bravery or Cowardice?

Peace, Osasu.