The gravest sin is racism
H. Nemesis Nyx

I do not know what happened. I do not want to know with whom, what, why…

You have a fearless spirit. Not many can say this of themselves or of those closest to them. I have limits. I must set them on Medium and the other writing platforms I chose to respectfully grace their space, especially when this is the topic.

I can be a bit outta line in these discussions. I can totally lose my sense of self and completely step all over toes and stab some hearts in the process. With certain things, I do not know how to tidy up the response, make it relatable & not hurtful, so I bottle up.

You… you go full throttle without a pause button and in some cases, it’s needed. I’ll tell you like I tell anyone else, do what you feel is necessary, only you know your limits.