Kicked Out

But, there’s more to come…

Courtesy of World of WarCraft Wallpapers

Remember the day you took my heart from me?

I watched you rip it out of my chest, wring it dry, stick it in your pocket, and




But, that’s not the case anymore. At least, not today. Today, you smile dryly. You are calculating decisions upon decisions and with the decisions, you plan on deciding our future.

BaBy We GoT A LoT oF WoRk To Do!

But, I am patient. I will wait until the sun says, “No more. I have had enough.” And, if that day never comes, I will wait


You know me now. You see of what I am capable. 
You are not misled.
You cannot question my intent. It has been given to you in full detail with extra biscuits and gravy… HOLD THE BUTTER.

I know you better than most, and with this, I will take charge of any hurt or pain and handle it all with the utmost care.

For, you are deserving of that.

Even though you do not believe it, I will spend my life reminding you of just how beautiful you are.


And, not a day will be wasted.

I will calmly place my hand to your head, tilting it for full view of your eyes, and whisper, “I am not the devil. I will away Hell. It cannot take you from me.”

dAhLiN’ LeT Me EaSe YoUr FeArS…

I promise to guide them to calmer seas where they will wade untouched. I will honor them with watchful eyes and direct them back to shore


Today, I am no longer Locked In.
You thought to kick me out,
But, your heart would not let you
Close the door.

And, I thank you for giving me the chance to mend your wounds. The ride is a bumpy one, but I am strapped in, glued to the seat.


So, with safety, I can safely say, I will be here

Until I Am Not.

And not a moment before.

If you have read Locked In, this is a continuation of it.