Lover’s Lament

You said, “Come here.

I’ve been waiting, longing to touch you.” This place is home. In you, I find answered prayers in the belly of wanton love.

I smell Earth.

It surrounds me.

There is heaven in these walls and we are two shifty members of the congregation flitting through a used bible flirting with the pews.

Holy is the lamb, it was slain for us. We weep in remembrance of a stained past.

Our lights shine, glory on dirt-filled weekends, boosting village morale.

I Thunder. I Quake. I Erupt.

In your grasp, a terrible feeling creeps in, alerts our hearts, and reminds us of unknown doubt.

We knew this would happen.

One night stands expire quickly.

I never have enough change for the toll.

You are sure you will see me again, “Someday soon,” you say.

I know a lie when I hear one. It sounds the same, no matter the speaker. But, you assure me, “This will happen again.”

I am a lover lamenting over you.
I am lamenting loving only you.

But, you leave anyway.

You always do.

Image Credit: Miki De Goodaboom