Courtesy of Atlanta Black Star.

Marching Men (Haiku in 10 parts)

For seasons that never seem to come…

Nineteen Ninety-Five
Millions marched for freedom and
Peace. For harmony —

For solace and love
For community and hope
For MUCH BIGGER things

All walks of life in
Hoodies, suits, ties, and sneakers
Proclaiming blackness

And equality
During a time when this should
Have been by design

They stomped the devil
Out of DC’s streets and roared
Until they were heard.

Amplified by Mics
Stories were told of past lives
And fighting before

Yet ending up right
Where we did not need to be.
A calming storm raged

And, they marched onward
Focused on changing the world
One step at a time.

No pressing issues
Could stop this train in pursuit
Of its new cago

Peace be still and Peace
Be my guide. I remember
The march. You should too.