“For youth is MY greatest weapon, MY greatest tool. I MUST USE IT WISELY!”
Cyborgs Don’t ‘Fiction’
H. Nemesis Nyx

Oddly enough, while reading this, Aretha Franklin’s “Until You Come Back To Me” began to play. Wow, because this seems to be centered around, “Why did you have to decide you had to set me free? I’m gonna swallow my pride, I’m gonna beg you to please see me.”

I read this line thinking, is she begging her youth to come back to her just so she can make peace with the past in her present?

Weird as it may seem, but at this very moment, I’m not in the best head space, so I may make connections that aren’t actual connections. But, that’s how I viewed it especially since Aretha said those words above while I highlighted your words.

And now, I think sleep would be best.

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