I wasn’t disobeying my parents anymore, I wasn’t alone but I also am not someone who can look away and let the world be a hopeless place, if it is in my power to help anyone in whatever small way.
omg such a poignant and brilliant piece.
Koni S. Lightmaker

On issues like this, my parents… they speak their 2 cents, then after a while, they leave me be. I’ve not lived in my Mom’s home since I was 18. I am quick to say, “I have been grown a long time,” and much of it came with me learning A LOT on my own, no guidance at all.

My Mom is a giver, though. So, it was so hard for me to understand why this situation was particularly hard for her to get a grip on with me. Later, shortly before she moved out of my place in the Winter months, she too, began speaking to them, giving them food, cash, etc. But, she was still VERY cautious.

I have no FEAR regarding certain issues. This scares both her and my Dad to this day. I often tell myself, “that’s their issue, not mine.”


Good for you for taking some friends with you the next time you ventured out. I do not condone disobeying your parents, especially if you still live at home, but the greater good was assisted in your doing so.