I am not as brave as I thought I was
Mirah Curzer


Knowing what I know and writing for as long as I have, basically peeing on the feelings of my most valued loved ones, they’ll *forgive* you. If you’re not cleansing your soul with your writing, in my opinion, you’re not writing what you should. And, sometimes… soul cleansing is a dirty thing. You will step on some toes.

Hit dogs will holla (& I’m saying this in the most Southern drawl I can muster up).

If they respect you; your heart, your mind, your very existence, what you’re writing as your own gift to the reading masses that clearly voices your opinion, would not be such an *issue* with them.

For years, I allowed family members to shut me up when my voice wanted to cry out, let them kill me off just to keep *niceties* in play. No more. I am not writing for them or to keep their feelings intact. Wrong is Wrong and if it is WRONG enough, I’m calling a person out on it… friendship/kinship/anyship, be damned.

Don’t let them tell you which horns to toot, sound them off knowing you did what you wanted/needed to do.


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