And OTOOH, here you are rallying us all to a cause again, making us think. Thanks for the nudge.
7 or 8.
Stuart James

Stuart! I just… I do not know. I get to a place, when I love something or someone and that place pushes me out of quietness. It is as if I just cannot sit by and watch the pain, agony, questioning, feelings of neglect, etc… without doing something. I feel as though if I remain quiet, I am not doing what could be done. I have too much fire in my spirit.

You guys, to me, you are family. If you are not satisfied, I want to know why. I want to fully understand why before I take my cause to higher ups. That is me, you know that, Stuart. I am not sitting on this. But, in the meantime, I know we can create beautiful magic while Medium works on getting its act together.


I have seen y’all do it. I just want to see it done again.