My Suicide Story
Benjamin Sulle

That you reached out to me via another platform or form of social media to read this…

I am still sitting here trying to figure out, the why. But, that does not matter. This is… I do not think I even have the words right now. I was supposed to have dinner nearly ten minutes ago, but I sat here, reading, nodding, moving my eyes here and there, highlighting, feeling… helpless.

You one-line with me often and I thank you for that. But this, this, what you’re doing with what you have presented here, is rawness that cannot be measured.

You have an arduous journey ahead of you and I wish you well in it. I do not, however, want to see you succeed in taking your own life, so I cannot clap to that. Not at all. However, writing it out for us all to experience it, I thank you.

I want you to find your way, more than you know. I mean this with every breath I am currently taking.


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