What brings you joy?
What brings you joy?
Jessica Semaan

Things that bring me joy:

Peace. The definition of it should truly explain why it’s something I enjoy experiencing and keeps me happy and uplifted.

Family. They can be a pain, but ultimately, they keep me on my toes, focused, accountable, and reminded that I am stronger than I believe.

Friends. I can go on and on about my loved ones, those deeply connected to me. Every time I think of them, I smile.

Jernee. Having a pet as a companion, one who helps me from day to day to maintain my cool and feel exceptionally loved when I may sink into a funk.

Silent/Quiet Time: Each night, I grant myself time alone to just sit in peace or read, write, and enjoy the silence around me. It does wonders for my soul after a long, busy day.

Music: I can get lost in the beauty that is music. There’s truly nothing greater than sitting back and allowing melodies, harmonies, and my favorite artists/vocalists take me to places I have never been simply with music.

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