Maybe I should have said “That difficult friend you find yourself explaining to other people”. The sort of person who always seems to be upsetting someone. The person where you say “Oh that’s just who he/she is. If you get to know him/her, you’ll understand they don’t mean it in that way”. These people are not “bad” people
I find it interesting that all the comments so far are about not recognizing what I am talking…
Aura Wilming

This, I get. When I see assholes, I am thinking of a person who is simply a thorn in one’s side, ALL OF THE TIME. No one, absolutely no one wants to be around them. They mean trouble, always. What you’ve just described, just seems like a misunderstood person, not someone everyone can take in full, only in small doses, but… again, not an all out asshole? Or maybe I am interpreting it wrong?

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