Pacing the Divine, Shadows…

With this, I was reminiscent of Culture Club’s I’ll Tumble For You, particularly, the lyric, I’ll Run The Gun For You And So Much More.

Pacing the Divine, Shadows…

I couldn’t sneak up
On you if I tried.
Got eyes in the back of
Your head, at least that’s what
You always said.

We are nimble, little busy
Bodies, pacing the room
For answers, yearning for
Hugs and kisses.
But, you hide in the shadows,
Forgetting we exist.

I can’t seem to find
Your truth, it once lay
In the calmness of your
Breath. Now, it bounces
From host to host,
Shutting down souls.

There was a mystery
With your name linked
To it, a fine specimen of
Uselessness. I treated it
With care, made it my

Now, I only miss
The lies you
Loved to tell.
Your excuses, the cureall.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt 29February16

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