In a recent article by online tech publisher Built In, TraDove is featured alongside 30 other companies in a round-up of the publisher’s top picks for organizations in the United States engaged in blockchain development. TraDove appears with recognizable names in the blockchain space such as Ripple (XRP) and Coinbase, as well as more traditional companies, including IBM and Ford, that are seeking to pursue the potential of blockchain in their own industries’ futures as well.

Built In is a Chicago-based tech company analyzing business and technology trends and their real-world application in daily life. From Built In’s homepage:


TraDove Founder and CEO Kent Yan recently appeared in an interview with Ashton Addison on the blockchain-industry show, the Crypto Coin Show. In the interview, Kent and Mr. Addison go over the beta release of TraDove’s blockchain payment solution, as well as the stages leading to its development and its forthcoming release.

The interview also delves into many of the technical aspects of the TraDove blockchain. …

Did you miss TraDove at the TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco conference this month? Then we’re glad you’re here to catch up with us!

During our appearance at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF, TraDove presented our premier business social network as well as the forthcoming release of TraDove’s B2B Blockchain Payment Solution.

TraDove’s highly anticipated blockchain payment network provides B2B companies with a next-generation payment tool built with their security and efficiency in mind. Businesses in B2B and global trade require discretion and dependability in their dealings, two qualities that existing blockchains (e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum) do not currently provide.

TraDove’s payment blockchain…

TraDove is happy to announce its B2BCoin token is now listed on the Korean exchange Oasis.

Oasis is a South Korean exchange supporting deposits with South Korean Won (KRW) currency. In order to keep the assets of their users safe, Oasis complies with AML regulations and implements KYC, . You can learn more by going to the exchange website here:

We are pleased to share this news will continue seeking new venues for the B2BCoin (BBC) token moving forward.

Stay up to date on our project via all of our social media channels here:

Business Network:
BBC Website:
BitcoinTalk Forum:

Engage in industry discourse, learn from business professionals in your industry, and share your ideas on specific topics by creating or joining public and private group discussions. Whether on topics of your company, industry, or general interest — we encourage our global community to share their perspectives and experiences.

Covered in the video:

- How to create private and public group discussions
- Where to locate and join group discussions
- How to manage your admin settings

Can’t find a discussion on the topic you’re looking for? Create your own discussion and invite your connections to join!

Click the…

In this video, you will learn how to post your Supply Needs on In 3 simple steps, you can post your supply needs and TraDove will notify the best-suited sellers worldwide, which gives you the opportunity to receive multiple proposals and get the best deal.

Covered in the video:
- Becoming a verified Buyer
- Navigating to the Buyer’s supply needs from the homepage
- Detailed walk-through of the supply needs upload form
- Uploading additional attachments to gain better results
- Tips on finding best matches with Sellers
- Managing your supply needs after they are posted

Curious about what we do? Let us help you out!

In this video, learn the basics of TraDove. Our mission is to help corporate buyers and sellers around the world find each other and make deals in a simple and trustworthy ecosystem. Take the complications out of finding your buyers and suppliers by letting us match you with the best-suited business partner.

Covered in the video:

- TraDove’s social networking features
- How TraDove uses AI to match Buyers and Sellers
- How Sellers can receive qualified leads
- How Buyers can acquire multiple proposals and get the best deal
- How to share…

As the month of May came to a close, we were happy to announce the exciting news that so too did development on the beta version of TraDove’s B2B Blockchain Payment Solution. This beta, officially titled Version 1, was the next stage that has been in development since the announcement and demonstrations of TraDove’s alpha version in late 2018.

The completion of Version 1 marks the blockchain development’s move into the next stage of quality assurance testing with select clients. …

TraDove is very excited to announce our partnership with Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), a leader in business procurement, thought leadership, and networking opportunities for executives and companies in a wide array of industries. This new partnership brings the conveniences of TraDove’s business social networking functions to SIG’s diverse spectrum of professional subscribers and members in their own tailored SIG private business network.

As some might recall, TraDove attended SIG’s Global Executive Summit in Amelia Island, Florida in April. …

Members of TraDove’s Chinese marketing team are currently in Guangzhou, China for the China Import and Export Fair, better known as the Canton Fair. This trade show occurs 2x per year and is the largest of its kind in China. The event includes a wide array of industries and companies from around the world during its 3-week run.

Team members from our Chongqing office are presenting TraDove’s products, including our newly rebranded Business Network and the B2B Blockchain Payment Solution. Additionally, they are meeting with and signing on representatives from various businesses and industries attending the Fair.

Our team is…


TraDove is the only business social networking platform that matches and connects relevant buyers and sellers worldwide.

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