7 Best Tricks to Keep Yourself Motivated at Work | Self-esteem

We all need some kind of motivation to fulfil our hopes, goals and desires which we want to accomplish. Negativity all around us suffocate our dreams and destroy our hopes. We divert from the path which could lead to success due to the negativity or lack of motivation. It is very important to keep yourself motivated because failure in achieving goals, desires and hopes will lead to depression, low self-esteem, low confidence and your life will be tangled.

Here are the best 7 tricks to keep yourself motivated even in a hard time:

1. Stay in Healthy and Positive Environment –

Always be surrounded by the positive and healthy environment. This will never allow your mind to think negative and will boost your motivation. Stay away from the people discourage you, never appreciate you.

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2. Be optimistic –

Always think positive. Never let yourself feel down, even if you fail because failure is the first step towards success. Positive thinking will always attract positive things around you and will keep your motivation high.

3. Set Long Term and Short Term Goals –

Try to set simple short-term goals, then progress to longer range goals. Remember there is a difference between dreams and fantasies so, make goals realistic and achievable.

4. Track your progress –

keep a track of your progress in order to stay motivated. As its very easy to get lost nowadays due to the temptations around us. By keeping weekly checkpoint, you will be happy and motivated to know that you are there.

5. Celebrate your achievements and reward yourself –

Celebrate your success whether big or small. This will motivate you to make other goals and help you to stay happy. Rewarding yourself is another important thing to keep yourself motivated. The reward can be anything of your choice but make sure they don’t hinder your goal.

6. Exercise/Meditation/Walk with Nature –

Follow these three things in your life and you will be happy for rest your life. Exercise will fill a lot of energy in your body to achieve your goals. Meditation will help you to make wise decisions with calmness even in hard times. Lastly, A walk with nature will never let you alone. The beauty all around will make your heart and your life beautiful. And all three things will boost your motivation.

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7. Embrace Solitude –

The biggest and the most important thing in our life. We all have gone through the one at some point including me. Don’t Be lonely but Be Alone. If you can’t stay happy alone, you will be doomed for rest of your life. Tie your happiness with your goals, not with people.

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Originally published at trabeauli.com on October 26, 2017.