Extra extra

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Deep breath in and deep breath out because the frustrations of the world outside the bubble of the Liberty are finally kicking in.

Why are things so much, why are things hella extra? Why do people care about things that shouldn’t matter, things that we are happier without anyway? Why is social media oh so important to us, why does it make us shiver and skin cling to our bones, knowing friends are hanging out, you’re feeling left out because the world sill goes on without you (as it does and even as it should)? Why do I have a sinking feeling gut in knowing that it wasn’t there, but at the same time knowing it wasn’t worth it anyway: what’s another night of drinking and fun and games? Why does it matter so much? Why am I crying right now, upset at myself for being upset over something as simple as this, when I knew I loved life when it seems like none of this even existed?

Why is this so important?

The thing is, it’s not. And I can feel it’s not. I can feel myself slowly growing out of it, slowly changing, yet there seems to be something out of this petty importance that seems to creep its way into my life and haunt my daily ventures of feeling accomplished, happy, important.

If it really is important, if it really is happy, if I really do care, why does it need to be streamed over the social media for all the world to see? If it was all deleted, if it did not exist in general, the real things should stay, should they not?

If they’re real friends, they’ll hit you up. The presence found in friendship won’t simply be blindly yearned for across a screen, but felt in front of you so phones need not even be touched. And if something happened that I wasn’t a part of, why should I desire to be apart of it, when I am putting myself in a position to be on the opposite end of that looking glass: outside looking in?

Memories made and things that happen should happen for yourself, not for other people.

And happiness from experiences you have should not be diminished by experiences you did not have.

Deep breath in and deep breath out.

Focus on what matters.

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