Simple Love

It was simple today, really. Great mall with his family.Looking around. Dinner. But somehow after today, I believe you more than whenever we’ve last hung out.

You know me. You know how to make me upset, how to make me smile. There were just so many moments today where I felt so lucky to be yours. Where I felt a comfortable, secure love that I’ve missed feeling.

Yeah, it started out kinda rocky with you arriving late. Yeah, I was pissed off. But the way you gave me watermelons until I started smiling at you again, how we played smash and you taught me how to play, maybe letting me win once or twice and letting me brag a little too much. How you said your throwaway comments that made me want to slap you, but I know you’re playing and you don’t mean it. How I could sit at the bench with you, take selfies, talk, play with your cheeks and kiss you here and there. How you shared all your corn with me and gave me the spice, how you know to tuck my pinky in when we hold hands. How you can carry my purse, how you walked around Banana Republic and kiss the sweet spot behind my neck. I like how you kinda tease me, but how you make sure I know you’re joking, make sure that I know you love me. When you pinched my cheek the way I pinch yours, when you called me, “bundles of fun” after being so so makulit. I loved that you were there with me in the car, talked to me on the ride home, convinced me to ply the ds with you even if we lost trying to tag team it, but then just held my hand while I was looking out the window when you didn’t want to play anymore. I love the way we looked at each other in the moonlight of the car, and I could see your eyes and I kept wondering what you were thinking. And then you said don john and I rolled my eyes because I know it wouldn’t be you if you didn’t try and ruin a moment like that. I like when I’m being makulit and you push my face to the side, or take my nose in between your knuckles and push just a little. I like the small moments of sexual tension we have, outside VS, through the mall, but I hate the way your fart smells. I love how you always share whatever you’re eating with me. How you’ll smile whenever I want to take a picture with you, how you look nice in sweaters that are folded at the ends, how excited you were about your new shoes. The small reassurance in the car. How you always hold my hand. How you’re always by my side.

It doesn’t need to be a big date to be a great day. It doesn’t need to involve anything sexual, it doesn’t have to be us alone. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs me, and you. As ourselves.

And I’m happy.

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