Today, I saw my boyfriend. And it was just us, just me and him for the first time in over three months. It was simple: laying on to couch while a movie was playing, basking in the kisses he gave me: the soft ones. The ones filled with passion. The ones that suggested more. And I could feel his lips move with mine. And this feeling of bliss and togetherness was all I needed for this moment. Happiness with him, happiness with the person you love is so magnifying and mystifying all at the same time. Like you’re flying for the first time. Like your breath is taken away.

And me, its all I can do to make him happy. He loves me, and all I want too do is make him happy, make him smile. When I’m with him, all selfishness dissipates in the face of love. And suddenly all that matters is being touched and loved and held like you’re his most valuable gift. That’s what he can make me feel like.

When we fight, I fight for moments like this. Just wanting to come back here, to my undersized couched and his overwhelming hugs.