A New Appreciation for the Team
Team RWB Daytona

I had a lot of favorite moments throughout the day and feel like I learned a lot from Big Daddy as well as from my teammates. One thing in particular that struck me was during the last mile of the ruck, several of us (Maria, Joe, Eric, Scott, Eddie and myself) were trading off turns with two incredibly heavy concrete balls. I kept rotating in even though I could only hold the thing for about 2 minutes before it started slipping, it was so heavy and unmanageable. But here’s the thing — even though I could only do 2 minutes at a time, it was something. I contributed what I could. And while it wasn’t a huge break for those who could carry it for longer, it was something. And that is what being on a team is about: doing what you can with what you have. Also, it made me feel pretty good (sore, but good). Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and dedication to making yesterday such a success. Cool breeds cool!!

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