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“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.”

There are other platforms that don’t charge for clicks. This could be very attractive to customers but we think this may lead to problems.

Obviously enough that each clicks takes some space on disk in the database. On our platform approximately disk usage is 71 Megabytes per 1 million of raw clicks. We found this very effective and really proud of the technical solution we use for our reporting.

Let’s do simple calculations:

If a customer sends us 100M clicks per day this generates approximately 7 GB of disk data each day and 213 GB each month. With a 6 months data retention we have to keep 1.27 TB of raw data.

Google Cloud calculator gives us $36,21 cost for storing 213 GB data monthly. This is only 100M of clicks daily and this does not include bandwidth, servers, backups, devops, etc.

Of course in real life we use data compression, aggregating old data and other tricks to keep customers data safe at a reasonable cost. But we actually pay for disk usage.

What other companies do?

Charge only for conversions.

They allow you to send unlimited clicks but they charge for each conversion. Conversion is a so-called event which could mean anything. It could be a real customer transaction or it could be just an indicative event you use for optimization (eg: user opened the app).

For some conversions you’re getting paid, for some you are not getting paid. But you still have to pay your tracking vendor. This adds additional cost which will affect your ROI.

Some campaigns can generate tens of arbitrary events after a single install. And you still need to get them but do you want to pay for it? We think not.

Does not charge for clicks until some limit.

Some prefer to set an upper limit for clicks. You are actually not being charged but still there is a limit. You will know when you hit it. Probably it will be a surprise in a monthly invoice.

Cover costs with other customers.

Imagine if some tracker user will send a big volume of data and won’t send any conversion. Tracking vendor will have to pay for storing all that volume and at some point it won’t be profitable for them. Who will finally pay for it? Other customers will.

Our approach:

  • We believe in transparent cost
  • We don’t want clients to worry about non-payable events limit
  • Our pricing packages have very high click and conversions capacity which is suitable for customers of any size.
  • We offer more volume for the same price than our competitors do. This is possible because we use efficient technologies for storing and processing data.

Our reporting data highlights:

  • All data is re real-time
  • Reporting works works blazing fast for any time period
  • Unlimited breakdown in report configuration
  • Custom formulas, event CR calculations

We are Canadian startup building modern SaaS platform for mobile advertisers. Website: https://tracemetric.tech

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