In this guide we will explore the legal and financial structure of a limited company (SPV) that is set-up to purchase an investment property.

The limited company owns the property

When purchasing a property for investment purpose through a limited company (an SPV), the legal owner will be that company…

I have been building financial models for global, blue-chip organisations for over 15 years.

These large companies see great value and have invested large amounts of money in building accurate models to help them make their daily decisions.

Often entrepreneurs focus heavily on starting their business and neglect to fully…

Before you rush to purchase your buy-to-let property through a limited company, make sure you understand how the structure works, including the ins and outs of the latest tax rules.

In this guide we explore the differences between buying an investment property in your own name and through a limited company known as a Special Purpose Vehicle (or SPV).

(N.B: The terms limited company and SPV are used interchangeably in this guide as an SPV is the type of limited…

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