I stared at the faded heart on the alley’s wall and began to remember. The first look, first smile, first kiss. The first time we made love. All those happy firsts rolled out of my mind and towards the wall, like a stream. The heart inside the wall began to warm, taking on a brighter crimson tone as my happy memories flowed forth. The first time I held her hand. The first time she brought me flowers. The first time I met her parents. …

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m sitting in a really uncomfortable chair in an amazing house in Amsterdam. It’s my fifth country in 12 weeks. I’m tired. I’m out of my work cycle and struggling to get my brain switched on. But I’m in Amsterdam! 24 hours ago I was in Lyon, France and before that I was exploring a castle I once knew only as the board game Carcassonne (it’s a really real place my gamer friends, and it’s stunning).

Inside the Circus

I wasn’t going to Ouishare Fest 2016, a self-proclaimed gathering for “creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across the globe to explore the edges of the economy, society and ourselves.

The thought hadn’t entered my mind. Other members of my Enspiral tribe were going. Some were stepping across European borders to attend, while others were flying all the way from New Zealand and Australia. My husband was going.

Everyone was encouraging me to go.

Why, I wondered. What benefit would I get from going and what could I offer in return? Besides, I had an almost…

Scene & Sequel a quick reference graphic.

This infographic is a great resource for budding authors, teachers, and students when thinking about story structure using the Scene & Sequel method.

Download PDF from: http://traceyambrose.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Scenesequelstorystructure.pdf

Click to tweet: http://ctt.ec/puOW5

What’s ahead for you in 2016?

Health Goals, Writing Goals, Family Goals and Quality of Life, oh my! How am I ever going to find balance in all of that?

I prefer to write my yearly goals in February rather than January, when all the excitement and hype has died down and you can get real again, think clearly and breath easily.

It’s safe to say that my health issues have trumped every other concern, desire or passion in my life for this last year (ok so most of the last decade or so, but we won’t dwell). I have…

Tracey Ambrose

Writer, Entrepreneur

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