What if they knew they were loved?
Jonas Ellison

What a beautiful post. I would not want to be a teenage girl in today’s age to save my life! It was hard enough ‘back then’ without all of today’s technology. Seems today, young ladies are pressured to ‘grow up’ much too quickly. Whereas I couldn’t/wouldn’t dream of having a child as a teen, it seems as popular today as carrying a purse. I also was blessed and fortunate to have God fearing parents. Not in any way the perfect parents, but my mother made sure we knew who God and Jesus were; she made sure we learned it by sending my younger brothers and I to a ‘white church’ where we were broken down by ages and truly learned God’s word. (I only say ‘white church’ because going to our family church (‘black church’) taught me nothing but fear. The pastor shouting, folks crying and passing out… I dreaded it. Lol.) As we grew up, we could continue to follow our faith at our own choices. But I can understand how children who don’t grow up with some type of faith can’t comprehend because they think so lowly of themselves, plus they can’t SEE or FEEL God’s love. I, too think it might help, & I definitely feel it’s worth a shot. :-)

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