Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

F off, David Brock. Sincerely. Sen Sanders doesn’t need the likes of you to do what he has always done, or to tell him what he needs to do. Nor do his supporters. You invested one million dollars to pay online trolls to harass Sanders supporters, to deride, to gaslight, to basically shit all over, and you called this “correcting the record, and promoting Hillary.” *That* million dollars was one case in which we know you invested money to encourage divisiveness. How much was it really?

You create and spread fake news, and you have made a lot of money for yourself doing this. You say that now is not the time for “factionism”? The time for unity is gone. You, and what you fought for, brought disgrace upon the Democratic Party, and you still can’t comprehend the gravity of it? You still are caught up in the campaign theme of “She’s not as bad as ________.” Go your own way, as you told us to do. Your “brand” of Dem is not what millions — 13–14 million — are about. Your appeals fall on deaf ears, and your empty apology is not enough to restore trust. You assumed you’d receive votes, while you were told, point blank, that you needed to earn them.

F off, David Brock. Sincerely, Tracey.

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