{65} What’s normal, anyway?
Zelda Pinwheel

Hey Zelda, I hear your despair. Let me just say that I ditched Facebook on Easter Sunday and I have never been happier.

My philosophy is that there is stuff I need to deal with, and a whole bunch I don’t.

FB gave me a plethora of completely unnecessary chemical reactions that, now I have gone through the withdrawal stages, I am happy to live without.

Now, does this mean I dont care about what’s happening out there in ‘The World’? Absolutely not. It means that I get to choose when and where I allow The World to encroach on my privacy. Lying in the safety and sanctity of my own bed is not the place that I want to invite The World into. I don’t want to see pictures of old colleagues holidaying in Phuket, and I certainly don’t want to be overwhelmed with the awfulness of The World’s news, such as the bombing, before my feet even hit the ground in the morning. I have enough to deal with in My Own Life. Which is a real thing. There are people depending on me to get up and function and be my best self to them. I can’t do that if I am overwhelmed before I even start. I just end up in an existential downward spiral.

Facebook makes millions of dollars from you. And you really need to ask yourself, what exactly are you getting in return?

Blessings and hug your small furry friend. There’s nothing like it. Oh to live the uncomplicated life of a small beloved dog, without the worry, and to live truly in the moment. That is why they are so special to us.

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