I QUIT Facebook on Easter Sunday 2017

And I haven’t looked back.

When it started out all those years ago, it seemed pretty cool. Then it became a ‘thing’, checking in every day, then twice a day, then thinking up smart things to post to get likes and show your ‘friends’ you were havin a ball at this thing called Life.

Yeah. Bull. Shit.

After some stuff happened in my family, it became a form of torture, for many months, to see my beloved blood enjoying the company of others. My niece and nephew sitting on the laps of others — knife twisting.

And, did I really want to see my old boss sweat-soaked on her holiday to Phuket? No, I didn’t.

FOMO — the Fear Of Missing Out. That’s what this tragic application has created. We are simultaneously addicted and repulsed by what we see. The chemicals in our brains contradicting each other. Sad/Happy. Happy/Sad. That’s just Crazy-making. And not healthy for anyone’s brain chemistry.

Goodbye FB. I missed you for a few days. Yes, I thought about going back. But really, the peace I enjoy now I would not swap for any of your BS.

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